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Power Balloon Launch Tower Toy | Inertia Air Power Balloon Car



Easy to play and very interesting. Against the rear of the car into the air intakes big balloon, on the ground, the balloon in the process by the bigger will push the car going forward. Great gift for your kids birthday party, New Year and etc.

  • EDUCATIONAL TOYS: the principle of toys is related to aerodynamic knowledge, which is very suitable for children to learn some scientific and physical knowledge while playing racing. At the same time, when children chase the trolley, it can improve children's athletic ability.
  • DUAL MODES: With the different accessories (cars and launch tower), the toy has 2 play modes: car mode and launcher mode. In car mode, it powers the car move forward on the ground; in launcher mode, it sends the rocket or spaceman into the air.
  • SAFE MATERIAL: The toy is made of high quality ABS plastic which which doesn't include BPA ingredient, no-toxic and tasteless. The surface of this toy set is as smooth as the pictures show and won’t hurt your kids’ skin.
  • HOW TO USE: install the inflatable rod and place the balloon on the trolley, Assemble the push bar with the trolley and the inflation port to inflate the balloon. Press the release button of the air pump to advance the car. Note: Do not blow too much air and damage the balloon!


Configuration: inflatable cylinder + trolley + balloon

Material: ABS plastic
Size: 11.5x11.5x22.5cm
Applicable age: children(4-6 years old) 

Package content:
As the variation.

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