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Portable Sonar Fish Finders 100m With Alarme



Portable Fish Finder

The wired fish finder is tiny, light, and easy to carry. Put it in your pocket and carry it with you anywhere you go.

Good partner of angler

A handheld fish detector is created specifically for amateur and professional anglers to determine the location of fish and the depth of water.

Because of its small size and wide operating temperature range, the handheld fish finder may be used for boat fishing, ice fishing, dock fishing, and nearly any other type of fishing.

Wide Detection Range

The portable depth finder has a detection range of 328 feet (100 m). This means you can use the portable depth finder not only at the dock or on a lake with shallow water, but also at sea.

Sonar sensor with a 45-degree beam angle and a frequency of 200 kHz.

The portable depth finder's sensitivity can be adjusted. Even though the water is cloudy, it can still be useful.

(Tip: when the water is turbid, choose a low sensitivity.)

Please put the cable transducer in fishing spot.

The monitor displays information from sonar sensors that detect water and fish.

The transducer can detect water up to 100m,and beam angle 45degree in 200khz.

1.Sensitivity indicator

2.Battery save on/off

3.Fish alarm on/off

4.Set up key

5.Battery strength indicator

6.Water depth indicator

7.Backlight on/off

8.Fish depth indicator

9.Enter key

10.Power On/Off

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