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Original Car Foam Cannon Snow Foam Lance High Pressure Washer



Whether you are foaming down your car on the weekend or you are a professional contract cleaner washing multiple vehicles per day, this tool will save you time and money. Simply attach the foam cannon to your pressure washer using one of the included fittings, fill with your desired ratio of chemical and you are up and running.


1. Pressure range: 60 bar ~ 160 bar (900 psi ~ 2320 psi), perfectly works with home-use pressure washers;
2. Foaming performance: Plentiful, thick and high-dense foam, light duty and durable design
3. Material: Brass nozzle, nylon cover, and HDPE bottle.
4. Capacity of bottle: 0.6 L
5.  Adjustable consumption of snow foam chemical, Variable angle spraying pattern from pencil to 60° fan, resistant to chemicals.
This Lance has been specifically designed to incorporate all the features of the Brass body version, at a fraction of the price.
1. Adjustable spray pattern
2. Stainless steel mesh filter
3. Adjustable chemical valve

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